Our Accessories

The term accessories and furnishings refer to every object that is a part of the furniture, indispensable aesthetically and functionally, to make home furnishings complete. At Loreti Arredamenti you can find a wide range of modern and design furnishing accessories: any element that can enrich, complete and tie any room together, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the living room to the bathroom. Each room needs its furnishing elements to be complete, fashionable and functional.

Radio Cube

A design classic updated to the highest contemporary technology. The two designers Zanuso and Sapper put the first Radio Cubo on the market in 1964.This was a portable radio that did not require any power sockets nor headphone output. The first model was only orange and had the classic 1960's lines of Italian design. Over time, numerous versions of Radio Cubo were produced, up to the current one. Available in four colours that express its personality, with Bluetooth to connect to different devices (computer, iPod, iPad etc), FM radio plus an alarm clock with customisable ringtones.

Wooden Dolls

An all-round artist who has never stopped his research on color and materials. Panton is the first designer to break with traditional Danish design, adopting a completely alternative technique to organic shapes and natural materials. His "visions" turn into a completely original language that reaches its peak with the Panton Chair, produced in series by Vitra since 1967. The famous plastic chair made of a single piece will become its distinctive brand. Panton has not only experimented and provided a new interpretation in the world of design but has also rethought the way of living and shaping spaces, outlining the new era of pop culture in the 60s. Today his works are exhibited in the most important international design museums.

Eames House Bird

The iconic little bird appears for the first time in the Charles Eames' shot to advertise his Wire Chairs. From that moment, the object became famous all over the world. Not everyone knows that it was not Eames who designed the statuette. They bought it on one of their trips to Charles Perdew's workshop, an Illinois craftsman who made lures and traps with simple, folkloristic shapes. Since 2007, has Vitra reproduced the little bird to bring it to the general public. Every lover of décor adores the versatility of this cult object, which adapts perfectly to any space of the house.

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