We need to observe, desire, love and live beauty

In our view, design helps to enrich everyday life with grace and elegance. Before us our grandfather had believed in the same thing. Survived the sickle harvester of the Second World War, after 5 years of captivity in Russia, he tried to fill his shaken existence with art, beauty and continuous research aimed at personal and professional growth.

This is how the first Loreti furniture store was born in 1946, the classic shop downstairs where Loreto Loreti has a winning intuition: "he doesn't choose" to sell the typical rustic handcrafted furniture, but furniture designed and made by emerging designers and architects, which in a short time would have become world style icons.

We are proud to be the custodians of what can be defined as a true "culture" of twentieth-century Italian design and to be able to pass it on to you, showing you the importance of every single piece of furniture we offer. Why? Because a design object comes from a creative mind, from an artistic vision that makes the object itself a work of art usable in everyday life. Functionality, aesthetics and durability are the cornerstones of a good design furniture. And that's exactly what we have been offering in our showroom for 72 years.


In your house since 1946